Crafting closer to how to feel

We are the crafting brand that put our customer’s wishes to shape with ordinary perspective closer to our everyday life. In the ever-changing hectic environment, we enrich customer’s life by crafting which has comfort.

Tomorrow and Everyday



Prioritizing safety and cuteness: Bunny-ear Ribbon Hairband

I designed the “Bunny-ear Ribbon Hairband” when my child was born because I wished I had an item my baby can wear without feeling any burden.

On top of its cute looks, it is made of soft material and soft rubber, so you can put it on your baby without your baby noticing at all. It’s a classic, popular item even now.

Happy time in the parent & child life: Outdoor baby bib

When my children grew a little bigger, I took them outside more often and wished I had a cute item for them to wear outside. With the same material used in the hairband, I designed matching accessories for the parents and children. In order to make parents enjoy styling their looks, I developed items for outdoor use.

We take our customers’ perspectiveDevelopment of OEM/ODM

With “Crafting closer to what you feel” as our theme, we also develop products hand-in-hand with other partner companies based on our customer’s perspectives and crafting skills.